Personalized Dance Packages

At Access Ballroom Studio we create a personalized program designed to fit into your schedule.

Wedding Packages

This package is designed to create a personalized routine to the wedding song of your choice. You choose the song and we mix it to custom fit the routine that we create for you.

Kizomba Semester Classes

The semester starts soon so call quickly to reserve your spot in the classes.

Our Mission Statement

Is that when people look for dance lessons we know they want something more. Whether it be for social reasons, personal growth or exercise. Whatever the extra reason is, it’s our duty to help you get it. That’s what we are here for. Access Ballroom Studio is more than a dance school it is a way of being. Our mission statement is not about us and were we want to be but rather towards our students and where you want to be. We believe that primarily we all just want to constantly be growing and be happy. Dancing is the tool that we use to help you get there.



For More Information...

You can call us at 416-690-3900 or press the button to send an email request for info