About Access Ballroom Studio

On this page, you will learn more about Access Ballroom Studio, a dance school on the East end of Toronto, Canada. We specialize in Latin and Ballroom dancing. Whether you want to dance for fun, do competitions, become a professional dance entertainer, look graceful for your first wedding dance, we are here to help you.

Our Mission

Ultimately, our  mission is to add positive changes to your life through dancing. We believe that people live the way they dance and dance the way the live. When we help improve one, it helps the other. 

With years of experience, we have discovered that when people look for dance lessons they, in fact, want something more than learning how to dance. “Something more” includes  meeting other people and socializing, learning a new skill as part of personal growth, exercising, impressing one’s friends on any dance floor, feeling more in touch with their significant other by dancing together, finding a deeper connection with oneself, and more. Whatever the reason is, it is our duty to help you achieve what you want through dancing. Our experienced instructors find an individual approach to each and every of our students by considering their learning style, personality, goals and dreams.

Access Ballroom Studio is more than just a dance school, it is an opportunity for you to grow, find a deeper connection with yourself and others, and finally feel good and happy.

Meet the Team

Meet our team of talented and experienced Dance Instructors who are excited to teach you Latin & Ballroom dancing!

Access Ballroom Studio - Dance Lessons & Classes About

Gil Bynoe

Director & Dance Instructor

Gil has over 20 years of dancing and teaching experience. At a very young age, he learned that he had an affinity to teach and help people grow. If he teaches you for long enough, he will “coach” you into believing in yourself and knowing you can achieve anything. Gil looks forward to sharing his passion for Latin and Ballroom dancing with all of you.

Access Ballroom Studio - Dance Lessons & Classes About

Valeria Mazlova

Director & Dance Instructor

Dancing has been part of Valeria's life for over 8 years. She's had the pleasure to teach at various dance schools in Canada and Russia for 6 years. Started off as a hip hop dancer, she then discovered her passion for Latin/Ballroom and pole dance styles. What she loves the most about teaching is helping her students grow, gain confidence and express themselves through dance.

Access Ballroom Studio - Dance Lessons & Classes About

Flora Quintus

Dance Instructor

Flora has been dancing for over 8 years. She previously trained and taught at a number of dance schools in Montreal. He passion for dance performances has made her join multiple dance teams in both Toronto and Montreal. Flora looks forward to taking this passion and skills she harnessed over the years to help others grow and spread her joy of dance through teaching.

We look forward to dancing with you!

You are welcome to stop by the studio to say hi, book your lesson or find out more information. Call now (416) 690-3900!

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