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Access Ballroom Studio
276 Main St., Toronto, ON, M4C 4X5
(Parking and Entrance on Stephenson Ave.)

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Access Ballroom Studio - Dance Lessons & Classes Contact
Access Ballroom Studio

Please inform us if you are looking for information, if you want to register with us, become a dance instructor or go through our dance instructor training program.

Contact for Dance Lessons

If you are looking for Dance Lessons then let us know the dance styles that you are interested in and if you want a mixed program, privates only or if you have a special occasion that you are looking to be ready for. The Ballroom Dance Lessons Options include

  1. Bachata Lessons Toronto
  2. Salsa Lessons Toronto
  3. Waltz Lessons Toronto
  4. Tango Lessons Toronto
  5. Foxtrot Lessons Toronto
  6. Hustle Lessons Toronto
  7. Cha Cha Lessons Toronto
  8. Mambo Lessons Toronto
  9. Rumba Lessons Toronto
  10. Swing Lessons Toronto
  11. Samba Lessons Toronto
  12. Merengue Lessons Toronto
  13. Bolero Lessons Toronto
  14. Viennese Waltz Lessons Toronto

Contact for type of Programs

  1. Wedding Dance Lessons Toronto
  2. Private Dance Lessons Toronto
  3. Mixed Starters Package
  4. Senior Dance Lessons Toronto
  5. Dance Lessons for Kids in Toronto
  6. Adult Dance Lessons Toronto
  7. Couple Dance Lessons Toronto

We look forward to helping you grow and seeing all the benefits that come into your life by taking dance lessons & classes. There is such a joy when you can listen to music, feel something from it and express it through movement. That feeling only doubles when you can share that expression with a partner and it brings it to a whole new level.

For a limited time, if you want a chance to try out the studio, test drive it so to speak, we offer a Trial Private Lesson. The trial lesson cost $15 for a single person coming alone and $25 for a couple. This gives you the opportunity to really test things out before making the decision that we are the right school for you.