How to be a good teacher mentor

How to be a good teacher or mentor? Well I’m glad you asked. No one is perfect but as you strive to be the best you can be there are characteristics that you should always be pushing to be able to grow and be the best teacher you could be. I’ve asked many people and though everyone feels certain ones are more important than others, they can all at least agree that these are all important to being a good teacher.

A good teacher is

—– Creative ——————- Approachable ————— Motivating ——————- Ethical ———————- Adaptable——————– Purposeful

—————-Solution Oriented ————– Composed ——————- Disciplined —————– Open Minded —————– Honest ———————

—-Visionary ————– Communicator ——————- Encouraging —————- Confident —————– Intent Listener —————- Skilled

—————— Knowledgeable —————- Organized ——————– Reliable ——————– Dependable ————- Fun & Interesting ——————

——- Patient ———————– Positive ———————- Prepared ——————- Passionate —————– Persistent —————— Punctual


Think of it as a brick wall. Each of these words representing a brick, that would mean the foundation is one of the most important because everything else would crumble and fall without it. You should always be growing and working on yourself. That isn’t to say that I’m telling you to burn yourself out (Balance vs work ethic), but rather that you can do whatever you put your mind to as quoted by Will Smith.

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a popular quote by Will Smith

However you can’t just think it and that’s it… You have to be willing to put in the work in. I’ve always said something that I’m not alone in thinking, “If you are not growing then you are dying“. This stands true for people as well as companies and even the government systems. Do not become complacent, do not always play it safe and do not settle. Instead strive to challenge yourself and those around you.  Strive to push the boundaries of your growth, Keep it going because it feels right not because your tired of searching for what is right. You are the most valuable commodity in your life. You are also the most expensive stock you could buy into, so treat yourself as you are.

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