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Arthur Murray Attacks the Access Ballroom Name

ACCESS BALLROOM DANCE STUDIOS is just tired of the constant attacks from Ms. Patricia Contenta (a.k.a. Patty), owner of Arthur Murray in Laval.

Ever since Mr. Gilfred Bynoe left their employment in 2008, Arthur Murray Montreal Ouest with Mr. Andrew Panasuk & Arthur Murray Laval with Patty Contenta, have been taking illegal actions to try to slow down Access Ballroom Studio’s growth in the dance industry. However, we won’t allow them to hide in the shadows continuing to take such illegal and dishonorable actions.

What have we decided to do about it?

Well, other than having our Lawyer take actions towards them, we’ve decided to go public with it by putting this on our home page. It’s not like we are on Oprah telling our story, but it’s a start. We aren’t going to go into the details with every single attack that they have done on us, but we will talk about one of the most apparent attacks on our name.
Here are the facts about the kind of company sabotage that we’ve been dealing with. 1- Mr. Bynoe was very honest about leaving Arthur Murray to start his own company. Armed with this knowledge, Patricia Contenta, (Owner of Arthur Murray Laval & Sensuality Secrets) bought the Domain names AccessBallroom.com and accessballroomstudio.com before us just so we couldn’t have it.

2- After improving their website they then decided to forward the Access Ballroom Domain names (Accessballroomstudio.com & Accessballroom.com) to their website http://www.arthurmurraymontreal.com/

3- After the advertisement of this post they then decided to remove the forwarding of Access Ballroom Domain names (Accessballroomstudio.com & Accessballroom.com) to their website Jan. 30, 2010. If you click on the link you’ll see that she paid for the name Jan. 08, 2009 and even with my action of turning the other cheek she decided to renew it Jan. 09 2010. The fact that she removed the forwarding Is a step in the right direction, but by owning the domain names bought from Netfirms, she (A representative of Arthur Murray) is still cybersquatting. Until these sites are owned by Access Ballroom Studio ltée, we will not stop going public with Arthur Murray’s Actions.
The First question that comes to mind is; Is that Legal?

No, it isn’t.
What they are doing is called Cybersquatting, which is another form of identity theft. Plus they are breaking these laws; Loi sur la publicité legal Article 13 – paragraph 7, 8 and 9.
Plus Civil Codes Article 6 & 7.

So we ask you these questions to get your opinion

-What does that say about the kind of company that Arthur Murray is?
-Are these actions coming from a company that has integrity?
-Do you think that Cybersquatting is a good business strategy?

We will let you come to your own conclusion. I guess that we should just be proud of the fact that a world wide company such as Arthur Murray considers us such a threat to their survival that they needed to resort to illegal methods just to try and slow us down.

However If you would like to write to her or call her directly on her cell phone to let her know what you think about her actions click Accessballroomstudio.com & Accessballroom.com scroll down and you’ll see that with the actions of buying our domain name, it also leaves the name, address and phone number of who took the illegal action.

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  • Ché Star says:

    Although I am not in the performance industry I have heard the of Author Murray studios. Everything I have heard has been favorable although second hand so I had no opinion of them in one way or another. It is a shame and disgraceful that a world renowned organization should attack a young entrepreneur starting a small business. This sounds like a personal attack from Ms. Contenta more than a business strategy of Author Murray; however, the fact that they let their name be associated with this type of illegal behavior is ruinous to their reputation.

  • Kate-lyn Jourdain says:

    Alright so here it goes.

    What that says about the company Arthur Murray is that they are to stuck up, and self obsorbed. This is my oppion on the matter, so please do not take offence to it, i am just stating my thoughts on it. I used to think that ballroom dancing was somthing i would do for a long time, But in came the problems. As a student i realized the kinda of behavior that immature teenage highschool students do.
    If i were to have my own business, cybersquatting would not be an option. People these days think only about themselves and not about anyone else. I mean come on if i had one of my teachers leave to start a dance studio, i would be very happy for them,
    because in truth its the right thing to do, and people should support one another. When you act immature about a matter such as this it show poor sportsmen ship, and aproves that
    the other person(who is causing trouble) is afraid of a little compition.
    Because of this arthur murray is giving themselves a bad name, and in the end it will only hurt thier business. So no cybersquatting is NOT a good business strategy, and unfortunatly
    in a socitey like this today, people have minds of thier own, and can read between lines. So the name Arthur Murray is being ruined everyday that this kind of nonsence goes on. A little comption
    never hurt anyone sorry to say there Arthur murray, but i think its time to grow up and accept the challenge.

    thanks for reading this. I could go on more, but i feel as if i made my point.

    Its a shame that this has to go this far.


  • woww im so shocked …it’s hard to believed arthur murray would do something like that . Acces ballroom is a great studio from its own success.

    Shameful …

  • Anonymous says:

    I believe that Arthur Murray’s name is being dragged in the dirt by its own owners. I am familiar with the story regarding Access Ballroom Studio and I cannot say that I was ever shocked hearing about it. They are liars and thieves.
    Students have complained that they have been overcharged taxes. Having payed in monthly installments, they would be charged all original taxes even though there was a change is taxes in favor of the customer. Any student who asked for them in return was turned away, as was I.
    Students are made to believe that if they want they can cancel their program at any time. This is not so. Most students on large programs cannot afford to pay it off in one year and is therefor lead to believe that he/she can cancel and pay only the part that has been used. This is not the case. Although a students payments could be made on 24 months, the contract would expire in 1 year. If a student decides to cancel a program after that 1 year period he/she will be surprised and told that this is not possible. This is when the fine print which was so perfectly hidden on the day of the purchase of the contract is brought to his/her attention….but yet so carefully hidden on the inital day.
    Someone who decides to cancel their contract within the first year somehow finds themselves with imaginary hours of lessons fabricted by the school and therefore making the students believe that they have actually used up more hours from their contract than they originally thought, or truthfully calculated and with an added cost that they would have to pay in order for them to leave. This results in them feeling cornered and not having any other option but to stay and continue. My personal experience, when I had asked to see my chart, they came up with 73 group lessons, in reality, I had only attended 3 lessons because of a demanding job which made me too tired to attend the classes during the week and decided I would focus only on private lessons on week-ends instead. 73 was a very far fetched number. They were never able to find the actual papers where I would have signed as proof of my presence for these classes.
    Most people within a short period of time will realize that if you don’t keep giving funds to arthur murray that they will get no respect. This emphasizes the point that they are money hungry and will take any measure to destroy anyone who might take business away from them. Such is life in not a motto they are in agreement with. They are hurting people who have a right to have a business as much as they do.
    I have seen first hand the way of arthur murray and am very displeased. Since I have left I have been attending another dance studio and realized that their motto is ”don’t be like arthur murray”

  • Kiki says:

    Wow…., that does not look very honest or ethical from Arthur Murray (or their owners, or the responsible persons, or even their legal advisers I might say!); what a shame. Ballroom is a very social activity. That is a terrible endeavour from them.

  • This is totally disgusting.
    Keep going public with this, the more it’s out in the open the worst it is for them.
    Another example of the big guy trying to squeeze the little guy out of business.
    They can break what ever rules they want to acheive their goal.
    Anybody who resorts to cyber squating or anyone of the things they are doing, clearly are shaddy. Appearences can be deceiving.
    Is that how they stayed top of the line in ballroom teaching for so long…?
    It could just be a personnal vandetta but it could also be the way “they” do business.
    That’s just precious, a big company and business woman behaving like a spoiled adolescent brat.
    And she runs the company, wow, professionalism has sunk to new lows.
    If I was a judge I would have them shutdown their business and banned from operating in that domain or owning directing a business ever again. That’s how you teach lessons.

  • Kate-lyn Jourdain says:

    I agree that arthur murray is money hungry, and is so scared, that they need to destroy another business. It’s disgusting how low someone will go, now its just a matter of long it takes before they hit rock bottom.

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  • Anonymous says:

    Wow, what a shame. I don’t have both sides of the story, however, I guess Access is doing well enough that they are threatening a giant like Arthur Murray.

    What a darn shame.

  • Arthur Kimber says:

    Nice post and everybody should should totally agree with the writer on this view here. Its insane, thats what i should say about this post.

  • TaZmAn says:

    I’m looking forward to getting more information about this topic, don’t worry about negative opinions.

  • Martin J. Nobleman says:

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  • Anonymous says:


    This is like my morning coffee, I mean your website, I’ve been an ignorant on so many topics but thanks to you I learned much. Funny how I believe something and then I discover that the reality is totally different. Your articles are great to say the least. I love, love, love your blog! I love the way you write your articles by the way, you’ve done an excellent job with your website!


  • Anonymous says:

    Wow! Thank you! I always wanted to write in my site something like that. Can I take part of your post to my blog?

  • Gilbynoe says:

    of course you can. The reason why most be people will do something like this is because they think that no one is going to know. Tell the world!

  • Gilbynoe says:

    Your Welcome!
    The reason why most be people will do something like this is because they think that no one is going to know.

    Tell the world! Your help is much appreciated

  • Anonymous says:

    Can you provide more information on this? sincerely

  • Gilbynoe says:

    What do you want to know?

  • Ronald says:

    Bonjour !

    J’ai déjà failli devenir un élève de l’école Arthur Murray.
    Après avoir rempli leur formulaire de renseignement en ligne, je n’ai jamais recu de réponse. Et c’est tant mieux pour moi.

    Je me suis tourné vers le standard social de la corporation en danse et danse sportive du Québec. (CPDDSQ).

    Je danse maintenant depuis des années, j’ai terminé le standard social bronze et argent. Et je puis vous assurer que quand je vais danser à la Bamba de Laval, ou n’importe où ailleur au Québec, il y a peut être 1 personne sur 100 qui a étudié chez Arthur Murray, et cette personne reste dans son coin car personne ne peut danser avec.

    Au Québec, pratiquement TOUTES les écoles de danse enseignent le standard social de la Corporation.

    You wanna dance with anybody in Québec ? you stick with the corporation or you stay alone in your corner ! Thats a fact !

  • Anonymous says:

    I remember signing up with Arther Murray 2 years ago.. for a 45 min private lessons once a week for 1 month was charging 250.00 monthly with contract for 7 months (they mentioned I needed that much to become perfessional) IMAGINE!! 250.00 MONTHLY FOR 4 DAY PRIVATE DANCE CLASSES..( after 2 months, I made an excuse to cancel contract after hearing from others that there was much much cheaper classes elsewhere) after all… I still had to pay 1 month penalty so another 250.00 down the drain (he was also suppose to return by mail all my post dated credit card receipts signed in advance) still today I have not received them..

    SHAME ON YOU!! Mr. Andrew Panasuk

    Remember, when one becomes greety..there will be no friends and eventually loose all in the end.

    Congrats & Good Luck to you all at Access Ballroom.

  • ANONYMOUS says:

    I worked for AM for many years, and I could tell you honestly that Mr.Panasuk and Patty Contenta is a very honest business professional. What your are doing is une “atteinte a la vie prive” by ruining their names and publishing untrue facts about the AM Franchises. YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSLEF!
    If they are suing you, you obviously did something wrong!
    So admit it, you failed and broke your contract!

    Take responsability for your actions!

  • Gilbynoe says:

    I notice that you don’t want to admit who you are and that’s ok, however don’t speak as if you know the situation if you haven’t got a clue.
    Everything I’ve published are facts, that’s why they remain there, because it’s true. If you bothered to check the link or do your due diligence
    you would know this to be true.
    As far as the contract is concerned, if I had truly broken it, the company would have closed and I would have to stop teaching.
    Great for me, I didn’t break the contract, so deal with it :)

  • Anonymous says:

    It truly is unfortunate when someone has to resort to underhanded tactics in order to restrict potential business from entering one’s newly acquired establishment. Sounds pretty pathetic. However I can’t help but wonder if there are any exceptions where this kind of behavior can at any given time be justified?
    As I understand, you were employed by AM for many years and you held a position of Manager/Instructor which gave you direct and privileged access to personal client information. After your departure, for whatever reason, you decided to go into business for yourself. So instead of finding a location within a community where there is a need of your skill and talent, you reasoned with yourself and concluded that opening your new location only a stone’s throw away from your former employer was the best business decision one could possibly make. Hmm, sounds like somewhat of a threat; don’t you think? Not looking to rain on anyone’s parade here, I’m just someone with a knack of looking at a situation objectively. An outsider, so to speak.
    Well enough about me, where were we?…oh yes! As I was saying, I was just wondering sir; What would you do if you were in your former employer’s “dancing shoes?” What underhanded sly “fox-trotting” tactics would you have resorted to? I take it from your “article” the response to the latter is quite evident and speaks for itself. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Survival mode kicks in. That’s what probably happened to your ex boss and inevitably, to you.
    Oh, and with regards to AM’s operating policies, procedures and business ethics concerning its clients…well my friend, that’s a whole new “ballroom game”. Right or wrong who gives a quack! It’s a free world! Some will like it some won’t. Those who don’t will go somewhere else. It’s that simple.

    My advice…trash this article and move on to a wonderful success story. This piece is in desperate need of the “golden rule.”

    Good Luck

  • Gilbynoe says:

    Just so we are clear, she had the opportunity for me to be 8.75 km away, and threw it away by making up some story that she owned the rights to all of Laval, (which wasn’t true) and that I couldn’t open an Arthur Murray on the complete other side of town (which again isn’t true, the legal distance is 5km). You reap what you sow. Quite frankly, you see gas stations and fast food restaurants beside each other all the time because it’s not illegal, it just gives you a little competition. It’s a shame that you don’t believe that she can rise to the challenge, I think she’s good enough to handle the competition without having to resort to illegal measures. Plus I’m much further than that (you must have quite the throwing arm, if you can throw a stone that far I suggest you get into the Book of World Records)

    If I were in her shoes I wouldn’t have thrown away my best teacher/manager, good help is very hard to find. Survival mode, lol why, because another company opens up, it is thought of as a Life or death experience. If you ever see the “Secret” one of the 1st things they say is that the world is big enough for everyone’s dreams. But they also say that there are some people that believe that they must crush other people to rise. Let’s try to figure out which one she is by watching her Actions hmm.

    I’m guessing that your a dancer, which means you’ve most likely experienced a dance competition. What makes more sense, a dance floor full of people pouring their soul and love for dancing out onto the dance floor for everyone to see, admire and even judge upon or one or two dancers who have bought out or influenced judges, injure others so that there are only 2 couples on a dance floor that can fit a hundred. (I’ll let you be the judge of which experience you would prefer)

    Thank you for the good luck and the advice
    However I will move on when all of this mess is finished

    Wish you the best