Our purpose is all about adding positive changes to your life through dancing.

With years of experience, we have discovered that when people look for dance lessons they, in fact, want something more than learning how to dance. “Something more” may include  making new friends and socializing, learning a new skill as part of personal growth or exercising. Or it could be impressing one’s friends on any dance floor, feeling more in touch with their significant other by dancing together, finding a deeper connection with oneself, and more.

Whatever the reason is, it is our duty to help you achieve that. Our experienced Dance Instructors find an individual approach to each and every of our students based on their learning style, personality, goals and dreams.

Be prepared that with dancing your life is about to change for the better and will never be the same again. Access Ballroom is more than just a dance school. It is an opportunity for you to grow, find a deeper connection with yourself and others, as well as feel happier.


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Gil Bynoe
Gil BynoeDirector and Dance Instructor
Gil has over 30 years of dancing and teaching experience. At a very young age, he learned that he had an affinity to teach and help people grow. If he teaches you for long enough, he will “coach” you into believing in yourself and knowing you can achieve anything. Gil looks forward to sharing his passion for Latin and Ballroom dancing with all of you.
Valeria Bynoe
Valeria BynoeDirector and Dance Instructor
Dancing has been part of Valeria’s life for over 15 years. She’s had the pleasure to teach at various dance schools in Canada and Russia for 13 years. Started off as a hip hop dancer, she then discovered her passion for Latin and Ballroom, pole dance and heels. What she loves the most about teaching is helping her students grow, gain confidence and express themselves through dance.
Elsa Cicchini
Elsa CicchiniDance Instructor
Elsa has been dancing multiple dance styles throughout the majority of her life. Having been teaching dance for 4 years now, she loves to see her students grow and enjoy their lessons. Elsa believes that dance is a universal language that is spoken through the soul and encourages everyone to experience the beauty of Ballroom at least once in their life.
Igor Borysov
Igor BorysovDance Instructor
Ballroom dancing has become Igor’s passion since he attended his first dance competition at the age of 9. Since then, he’s done numerous competitions in Europe in 10 International Ballroom and Latin dances. His extensive experience as a Dance Instructor includes teaching Ballroom, Latin, Social Dance, Ballet, and Partner duet to both adults and children. Igor is an approachable and committed Dance Teacher who is able to fully understand the needs of his students and quickly engage with them as he is keen to share his passion for dance.
TBADance Instructor
Looking for full-time male and female Dance Instructors who love to teach and dance! Apply via email at info@studioaccessballroom.com. Click on the picture above to learn more!



  • We break things down based on your learning style, i.e. Visual, Auditive or Kinesthetic.

  • Our Mixed and Private Personalized Dance Packages are created to fit your goals and needs.

  • We work on an extremely flexible schedule and make it easy for you to schedule your lessons!

  • We organize parties, activities, and dance outings with students and Dance Instructors to get involved in the dance community. Check out our calendar for the next one you can attend!

  • We offer our students opportunities to perform and showcase their progress at various events and dance competitions!

  • Our Dance Instructors get extensive training not only on dancing, but also on teaching and communicating the best way to ensure that the students get it fast.

  • Above all, we truly care about your progress, as your success means our success.


“With Gil and Valeria’s patient and informative approach, I am steadily becoming a ballroom dancer!”

“I can’t believe I’m learning to dance! Didn’t take me long to learn that there is a lot to this, wasn’t sure if I was up to it. With Gil and Valeria’s patient and informative approach, I am steadily becoming a ballroom dancer! I am doing so with flare and confidence, I have never attempted anything so outside the box for me.”


Access Ballroom student

“You will learn a ton and have fun while doing so!”

“Gil and Valeria make you feel comfortable right away and pay attention to what you are looking for in dance lessons. The studio is open every day which makes it easy to plan your dance lessons. The prices are well worth it. Love the events they’ve put together that showcase the students’ progress and encourage everyone to dance! Access Ballroom also has a monthly newsletter which helps stay up-to-date with class schedule and events. Gil and Valeria’s passion for dance will certainly lead you to the dance floor! You will learn a ton and have fun while doing so!”


Access Ballroom student

“I used to dread going to dances and dance classes, but today I am loving it.”

“[Access Ballroom made] a two right feet white guy into a dancing student who finally understands that many dances have similar steps or moves. The studio atmosphere is hopping with energy every night; the group classes and practice parties make you practice what you learned and the private classes perfect your craft. I used to dread going to dances and dance classes, but today I am loving it.”


Access Ballroom student

“Loved every second of it!”

“My first time salsa dancing and definitely not my last! Loved every second of it! Gil and Valeria were incredible. Valeria was so sweet & patient with us newbies and everything Gil said seemed like a hilarious metaphor. Looking forward to coming back soon!”


Access Ballroom student


Simply fill out the form below and we will reach out to help you set up your appointment.

The trial private lesson is 50 minutes long. You will meet your dance teacher, learn or improve up to 2-3 different dance styles and if you enjoy yourself, we'll personalize a dance package to your schedule and goals. The trial is $45 for couples and $35 for singles. If you are getting married and need help with your first wedding dance, we offer a FREE 30-minute sit-down consultation to figure out all the details for your perfect first dance and customize a wedding package for you.
You can pick 4 or more dance styles that you'd like to try out.
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You are always welcome to stop by the dance studio to say hi and chat about dancing or anything else, meet the Dance Instructors and students, and book your lesson. Join our community on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Soundcloud and Twitter to keep up-to-date with the latest news about out events, specials, progress and more!