What is Ah-Ha moment 

What is Ah-Ha Moment? First, let us define what it is.

Gil Looking Up into the bright light wearing red having an ah-ha moment

An Ah-Ha Moment happens when:

  1. A previously difficult task becomes simple
  2. The answers to your questions suddenly become painstakingly obvious
  3. Your brain can finally utilize the information that you’ve learned

We all know the painful process of being in a state of confusion or not understanding something. Do not worry, it is normal to feel this way. As it was said best by Stanford University, “Confusion is a necessary state in learning”. In other words, confusion is an important part of reaching the Ah-Ha Moment in the first place. And once you reach that moment where you understand what you are doing, you really start to feel that all the efforts made so far to learn something and really “get it” have been so worth it. Moreover, you feel accomplished as a person, and it really warms the heart of any teacher.

The 3 Things Necessary to Have Your Ah-Ha Moment

The following three things are required for you to have an Ah-Ha Moment:

  1. Believe in yourself and believe in the system that the successful people have used before you
  2. Garner experience because you need to practice what you are learning yourself to experience it, understand it and grow from it
  3. Focus on the task at hand and push yourself to achieve it

If you do all three, the Ah-Ha Moment will come.

Meanwhile, continue investing in yourself and your growth, as it is an investment in your future. Even if you ultimately want to help others, remember that you can always do a better job if you are better at what you have to offer. So never give up on yourself and above all else, always remember that you are worth all the efforts you are putting in.

Blog post by Gil Bynoe @gilbynoe