About Baby Ballroom Dance Lessons Toronto

Our purpose is to empower moms-to-be and moms with newborn babies through our Baby Ballroom Dance Lessons Toronto.

There is no doubt that confidence, sensuality, and happiness come from within. And we’ll show you that despite the changes that you are going through in your body and in your life, you won’t lose yourself. On the contrary, you will feel even sexier, happier and more confident than ever.

Why Are Baby Ballroom Dance Lessons Toronto Right For You?

Low-Impact and Safe

Why should you take dance lessons when pregnant and after giving birth? Baby Ballroom is a low-impact dance class that offers a safe way for you to stay fit while enjoying your pregnancy or spending time with your newborn baby.

A Skill That Will Last Forever

You will learn how to dance to all kinds of music. We’ll teach you sensual Bachata, playful Salsa, sassy Cha Cha, sexy Rumba, romantic Waltz, fun Swing, passionate Tango and more!

Supportive Community

Not only that, but you will also get to meet other like-minded moms and dads, connect, bond and have fun together.

Family Activity or Self-Care Activity

Make it a family bonding activity to share something to do together. Or come by yourself with your baby bump or the baby and enjoy some “me” time.

It Is Fun!

It’s been scientifically proven that movement, especially to the music, makes your body release endorphins, hormones of happiness. And happy mom = happy baby!

Bring Your Baby Bump or Your Newborn

Who can join Baby Ballroom Dance Lessons Toronto?

  • Expecting mothers, moms with newborn babies, dads, family and friends
  • No Dance Partner Is Required
  • No Prior Dance Experience Is Required


Just found out that you are going to be a mom? Or maybe you cannot wait to pop that bun out of the oven? Either way, you are welcome to join. Please, consult your Health Care Practitioner for any special considerations and let us know if you have to take any special precautions during the dance classes.

Moms with Newborns

Just put your little one in the baby carrier and enjoy the dance class. Your baby will have a blast moving around with you!

Dads, Friends, and Family

Of course, dads, other family members, and friends can join. Maybe you have another older child who’d like to jump in the dance class with the rest of the family. Maybe your best friend would love to join you to have fun together. Or maybe your other half is thrilled about the idea and you guys want to become a dancing family. As they say, the more the merrier.

Schedule and Duration of Baby Ballroom Dance Lessons Toronto

The semester is 10 weeks long. You can attend lessons once a week, twice a week or three times a week. The times are flexible and we’ll build the schedule based on your availability.

Lessons Format

You do not require a partner to take Baby Ballroom Dance Lessons Toronto. All you need is your beautiful self and your baby bump or your baby.

The students will be dancing in a line and learning shines – something you dance without a partner at any point in time anywhere and everywhere. If your baby is joining, you can put him/her in a baby carrier. That way your baby will have a blast and you will have your hands and feet free. 🙂

If you’d like to learn how to dance with a partner, contact us to learn more about Personalized Dance Packages. If you are looking for dance lessons for your child/children only, check out kids dance lessons and contact us to register.

Baby Ballroom Dance Lessons Toronto: Inspiration

Lately, we’ve seen a lot of women in the social dance scene continue dancing and even performing while expecting, up until the later months of pregnancy. We found this so inspiring and beautiful!

Desiree: Bachata Dancer

For example, take a look at Desiree, a world-class Bachata dancer. The baby bump looks so cute and she is definitely feeling herself.

Carine: Salsa Dancer

Another inspiring example is Carine – an excellent Salsa dancer. Dancing with the baby bump does not prevent her from staying balanced and having fun.

Irina: Access Ballroom Student (Multiple Dance Styles)

Our biggest inspiration though was our Access Ballroom students.

Irina and her husband Igor started taking dance lessons just a few months before their wedding. They wanted to add a new fun couple activity to their lives and prepare for their wedding dance – the Tango to the Mr. & Mrs. Smith theme which was a great success.

When Irina got pregnant, she made a healthy choice for herself and her baby to stay active which was also encouraged by her doctor. Irina and Igor are still dancing through pregnancy, though no backflips anymore! 🙂

“As an expecting mom, I do feel like the fact that I keep active through dancing definitely helps me feel good during the pregnancy. First thing I did was making sure that ballroom dancing was safe for me and my baby. Overall I think it’s so much fun, I really enjoy coming here to take dance lessons, it even makes me forget that I’m pregnant [despite the bigger belly now].”

Irina S., Access Ballroom student

“Deciding to learn how to dance was a HUGE step out of my comfort zone and I’m so grateful that I chose Access Ballroom! You are the best kind of teachers. You are talented, warm, funny and filled with such positive energy (everything a teacher should be and more)!”

Fiona P., Access Ballroom student

Call 416-690-3900 to find out more and register for Baby Ballroom Dance Lessons Toronto!