How Balance Vs Work Ethic

So, how can you balance vs having a strong work ethic without going crazy or burning yourself out? Well I’m hardly the expert on this subject however I do know what works for me so I do share this in hopes that it may help others to figure it out balance vs work ethic. Part of why I feel so many people don’t have the right answers is due to the fact that we are all so different and yet we are all the same. For example, “Progress” makes anyone feel good and gives you proof that all of your efforts, all of your hard work to move forward is worth it. However how much progress makes you feel like it was worth it. We all have different levels of what we believe is sufficient progress. All the sacrifices, all the pain vs all the achievements, all the glory.

Not to ignore our best friend and worst enemy…Time!

Time on the Iphone se withe the company logo symbolizing balance vs work ethic

We’ve all heard these sayings…”Time heals all wounds” , “don’t waste Time” , “all in due Time” , “you’re running out of Time” , “all will be revealed with Time” . So I can only surmise to say that life is to short to waste it and in the same breath… life is too short not to enjoy it. Hence why a healthy balance is important.

We all have goals and dreams that we want to achieve. I would be the 1st to say that people should push themselves to do as such. For example there are times where I would stay up until 7am pushing forward, doing nothing but working. I would sleep for 4 hours get up and continue. There are also times where I just need to stop working, take some me time or family time or friends time.

Now here’s the catch…only you have the potential to see it in vivid detail. If you make promises to yourself, push yourself, hit your limit and a little beyond, listen to yourself when it’s too much (before it’s too late), give yourself nutrients for your body, mind and soul. It’s ok to celebrate when you fail just as much as it’s ok to celebrate when you make an accomplishment. I’ve had someone ask me one time why I am going out and having fun when I have so much work to do? “I’m going out now to have fun to forget all the negative in order to put myself in a happy, positive mind frame in order to achieve better results from the work I put in. When I get back at it again, It also helps to recharge my endurance to tolerate it.”

I’ve also had the reverse, why am I not coming out? The work will still be there when I get back. Yet my answers maintain the same principle. “I want to achieve my goals and dreams. They won’t achieve themselves and I will push, claw, drive with all my might even once I’m flying. Why because my dreams will continue to grow as will my goals”

clock and dollar sign on a seesaw symbolizing balance vs work ethic

The equation remains the same… Time vs Work Ethic (Effort) vs Living = Progress

There is no plus nor minus. They can all be good and they can all be bad. You have to decide what are the levels in each for you to feel a balance vs work ethic.

I wish you all the best and If this can even help one other person then it was worth writing.