Toronto Dance Blog

In Access Ballroom Studio’s Toronto Dance Blog we talk about all the things that we can think of that would be of help. The goal is to help students, instructors and just people in general.

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Our Toronto Dance Blog has a big range. From talking about Contests we might hold, to a Reviews about a dance show we might have seen. We will do Interviews with certain popular dancers and even share our experiences with you. ABS create’s lists for your knowledge and entertainment.

We even share our goals/dreams publicly! Because once you write down all your goals, dreams  and where you want to be in 5 years time, then you have no choice but to follow through on it.  It gives you a nice amount of pressure and motivation to achieve those goals.

Furthermore, there is our glossary !!! Since people sometimes get confused about terminology in dancing, we decided to write a post detailing the definitions of words and phrasings that we use.

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