Type Of Dance Lessons Toronto

What is the type of dance lessons Toronto?

The answer is that we have Private Lessons, Mixed Programs, Wedding Dance Lessons and, Kid Semester Group Classes. Each program is different and provides a different result. However, your instructor will help you choose the right one for you.

Explanation of Each Program

Private Lessons; Are designed to teach you the details and bring out the best in you. This is where you get the details like footwork, technique, body control, styling, musicality and so much more.

Mixed Programs; Is created to ensure your growth without having to be as expensive as the private lessons program. It is a balance of Privates, Groups and Practice Parties.

Wedding Dance Lessons; Is made literally to prepare you and have you ready for your wedding day with confidence for one of the most important occasions of your life.

Kid Semester Group Classes; Is the only time we allow for group classes only. Because they are just starting, it is good for them to work on their visual learning. However, we are still instilling good practice habits from the start.

Therefore, you should book a PC (which means private consultation) as soon as possible and get the information that you require.