Christmas Social Dance Party Details

If you looking to attend a Christmas Social Dance Party in Toronto, join us on Friday, December 15. We are super excited to invite you to our very first annual party to kick off the winter holidays season.Whether you are coming with someone or alone, we promise you will have tons of fun!

Time and Activities

Doors will be open at 5:30 pm. We will start off with enjoying food and snacks as well as activities. Then a Salsa lesson at 7:50 pm for beginner and intermediate-level dancers. The two lessons will run at the same time. After that, from 8:40 pm to 1 in the morning, get ready to have a blast and dance your shoes off while enjoying drinks, food and snacks! Expect lots of games and prizes as well!Gil & Olivia - open dip during a hustle lessons toronto dancing all night

Additionally, we invite you to participate in a potluck as part of the event. Please bring a dish to share with others and a drink (alcoholic or not). For example, some dish options may include veggie salad, turkey/chicken or other meat of your choice, baked sweet potatoes, mini-sandwiches,  pasta salad, smoked or cooked fish, etc. Yummy snacks could be chips and salsa, avocado dip, veggie platter,  cheese platter, etc. Furthermore, you may consider bringing desserts like brownies, cake, cookies, fruit platter, candies, assorted pre-washed berries, etc. As for the drinks, you may wish to bring an alcoholic beverage of your choice or juice, pop, fruit punch, eggnog, etc.


Early bird tickets are $10 and already on sale at the studio. Hurry up to get yours, as the price will be $15 at the door! Please note that there is no ticket fee for this event for the current Access Ballroom students. The salsa lesson and party will count as part of your dance package.


The event will run at Access Ballroom Studio Toronto Beaches location near the intersection of Main Street and Danforth. Contact us for more details or to purchase your tickets!

Access Ballroom Christmas Social Dance Party

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