What is Coach-able?

Coach-able, well to me it means, that it is (the ability to learn x the willingness to change = coach-able).

This can be applied to anything you want to learn. You have to open yourself, empty your cup allowing for new information to fill it. You need to be mold-able like clay. A dry sponge ready to be put under the water. Yes some will fall through but you will also maintain a great deal of the info. But I feel this should also come with a warning for today’s instant society. Learning anything is not instant. It requires time, dedication and work to get there. Just remember that, stick with it and you will hit your goals.

a coach blowing a whistle trying to find players who are coach-able

Though I will always say that it is the teacher’s responsibility to provide the information in the best possible manner so that it can be comprehensive and easy to learn. However being open to learning, being coach-able…well that’s the students responsibility. So remember this whenever you are being taught anything by any teacher.