15 Ballroom Dance Lessons Toronto Beaches

At Access Ballroom, we teach 15 Ballroom and Latin Dance styles!

Click on each link below to discover the history of each dance, its special characteristics, music, and current form. We hope that these posts will be informative for you and inspire you in your dance journey, whether you are a complete beginner or a seasoned dancer.

  1. Bachata Lessons Toronto
  2. Salsa Lessons Toronto
  3. Waltz Lessons Toronto
  4. Tango Lessons Toronto
  5. Foxtrot Lessons Toronto
  6. Hustle Lessons Toronto
  7. Cha Cha Lessons Toronto
  8. Mambo Lessons Toronto
  9. Rumba Lessons Toronto
  10. Swing Lessons Toronto
  11. Samba Lessons Toronto
  12. Merengue Lessons Toronto
  13. Bolero Lessons Toronto
  14. Viennese Waltz Lessons Toronto
  15. Wedding Dance Lessons Toronto

New to Access Ballroom?

If you are new to Access Ballroom, we invite you to book a trial private dance lesson and consultation with us!

You will get to meet your dance teacher, talk in more detail about what you want, ask any questions you may have, and pick the dance styles you’d like to try out. You will have a whole 15 different dance styles to choose from. We will then take you to the dance floor and teach you (or help you improve) up to 2 different dance styles of your choice.

After that, we’ll personalize a Dance Package for you based on your schedule, dance goals, learning style, etc. That way you’ll be able to make an informed decision of what you would like to do.

Call us at (416) 690-3900, or email to book it today or book online below!

Playlist Link for Ballroom Dance Lessons

Check out Access Ballroom’s Spotify to find a playlist for each of the dance styles we teach. Enjoy this carefully curated music library for your dance practice, party, or event!