EMCEE Toronto and Public Speaker

We find that the best Emcee Toronto is MC GIL Bee who operates out of Toronto, ON Canada. MC Gil Bee in uniform showing the front of the suit representing Emcee Toronto phone# 647-376-5191 showing on the front of the suit jacket and the colour is blackHowever he does constantly travel for events to Houston, New York, Montreal, Vancouver and Los Angeles. So don’t worry he can be at your event even if it is far away. His goal is to always work with the theme of what you want or the message that you want people to get from your event.

If it is a Party styled event, then it is to keep everyone entertained, the energy high, lots of smiles, laughing and the dance floor full. He engages with your guests and gets them interested and involved in the party.
He makes Introductions, communicates with you, the DJ, the event planner and the catering staff to make sure that everyone is in sync. We play a few party games depending on the style of event and kind of atmosphere that you want to generate. His purpose is to make sure that your event is one to remember. He has worked for Weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, Bat Mitzvahs, Fundraisers, Shows, Concerts, Galas, Competitions and more.

If you require dance lessons for your wedding then click Wedding Dance Lessons Toronto. Dance Styles Include Salsa, Bachata, Rumba, Tango, Swing, Waltz, Foxtrot, Viennese Waltz, Samba, Hustle – Disco and more.

As a public speaker or motivational speaker, he specializes in Leadership training, Sales training, Personality training and Communication training. He speaks keeping these 8 things in mind;

8 Things that he keeps in mind once you are hiring Emcee Toronto

MC Gil Bee is;

MC Gil Bee in uniform showing the back of the suit representing Emcee Toronto phone# 647-376-5191 showing on the back of the suit jacket and the colour is black

1. In Tune With Your Purpose
2. Passionate about what he does and it comes through when he talks
3. Connecting With Your Audience, knowing the importance that we listen and connect with people that are like us or people that we would like to be
4. A story teller, so he know that he has to Tell Stories to make the point hit home. It is always easier to relate to a story
5. Will keep things Humorous. I do this knowing that when you laugh you feel good and tend to stay more open as well as engaged with the speaker

6. Must always use Visuals. The majority of people tend to be visual, however, don’t ignore the fact that some are auditive or kinaesthetic. That being send he likes to get the audience participating in the production.
7. Have to keep things simple. His duty is not to try and make himself look like he is smarter than everyone, by talking in complicated ways. It is to make sure that people understand everything and that they feel like it is simple to understand.
8. Must concentrate on the positives. In a world where we are always having negative things thrown at us from all directions, we tend to build a wall up or get defensive. We all know we can improve so I find it’s important to point out what you are doing right and how to continue succeeding in other aspects as well.

As a keynote speaker, his goal is to make sure that he provides inspiring information for your guests. He does this by giving a speech required to inspire people before they go back out into the world.


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