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gil dancing with a redheaded girl at a competition representing foxtrot lessons TorontoWell to inform you of how we work, I must first tell you that we do not work by Semesters. What we do is create a program that is designed to fit your needs to a schedule that works for you. It will be a program mixed with private lessons and group lessons. To explain each, the privates are where the dance instructor works on the details like your footwork, your lead/follow skills and technique. Then there are the groups! They are there for you to learn dance steps. Below you can watch the video of a student dancing foxtrot at one of the dance competitions that we have attended. However, if you want to see more videos then click Access Ballroom YouTube Channel


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The Foxtrot originated from the actor Harry Fox in the summer of 1914. Harry’s birth name was Arthur Carringford, however, in 1882, he took on the stage name “Fox” after his grandfather.

The Fox-trot originated in the Jardin de Danse on the roof of the New York Theater. This was part of Harry’s act, He was doing a sort of trotting steps to the music, and people therein referred to his dance as “Fox’s Trot.”

The elite of the elite in the dancing community was soon trying to capture this new and different style of movement. But the seal was truly set when a very talented American by the name of G.K. Anderson came over to London. Together with his partner, Josephine Bradley, they won many competitions and set the standard for the foxtrot’s style.

The Foxtrot was one of the most significant additions to the ballroom dances. The combination of slow and quick steps allow for more flexibility and gives more variety and intricacies in its steps.

Dances that have stemmed from the Foxtrot includes the Peabody, the Quickstep and Roseland Foxtrot. From some extent, even dances like lindy and the hustle have come from the Foxtrot.

Characteristics of Foxtrot (taught in our Foxtrot Lessons Toronto)

Foxtrot is a dancing style that has the potential to attract the audience with its flawless rhythm and flowing moves. It is a dance that utilizes walking steps into side steps. It is a mixture of slow dancing steps where two musical beats are used and fast steps which include one musical beat. The timing in the footwork is generally “slow, quick, quick” or “slow, slow, quick, quick”. Smooth dancing is important when dancing the foxtrot. This dance style shouldn’t have anybody jerking. It is also very challenging when you compare it with a lot of other dance styles.

How Foxtrot is similar to Waltz

The foxtrot is similar to the waltz in the following 3 ways.

1. Both travel along the line of dance counterclockwise around the floor.

2. The rise and fall action of the foxtrot comes from the knees and calf muscle

3. Both dances are danced in American Style (Smooth), International Style (Standard)

The History of Big Band Music


Duke Ellington Big Band picture representing the music played for Foxtrot Lessons TorontoA big band is a musical ensemble that normally consists of 10 or more musicians which include four separate groups: trumpets, saxophones, trombones, and a rhythm section. They started as an accompaniment for dancing in the early 1910s and dominated the jazz scene through to the 1940s.


Typically, big band arrangements are written in strophic form with the phrase and chord structure repeating several times. The chorus is commonly a twelve-bar blues form or thirty-two-bar song form. When you first hear the chorus of an arrangement, you realize that it introduces the melody and is followed by choruses of development. The development sometimes takes the form of an improvised solo and includes a “shout chorus”.


As stated before, Big bands have four groups. They are the saxophones, trombones, trumpets and a rhythm section, which includes guitar, piano, double bass, and drums. An example of the ratio in early big bands was normally 2-3 trumpets, 1-2 trombones, 3 saxophones, and 1 rhythm section. In the 1930s, things changed slightly too big bands normally having 3 trumpets, 3 trombones, 3 saxophones, and a rhythm section of 4 instruments. Guitars had replaced the banjo, and the double bass ended up replacing the tuba. In the 1940s, it changed again and got bigger. They used up to 5 trumpets, 4 trombones, 5 saxophones and a rhythm section that varied greatly.

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The Lifestyle change & Benefits of Foxtrot Lessons Toronto

Physical Benefits to your Body with Foxtrot Lessons Toronto

Foxtrot dancing is a proven method of exercise where you get many benefits to your heart. The cardiovascular workout is amazing! You burn calories, lower your blood sugar level and develop strong bones. If you have had surgery or illness and your movement was limited, it is one of the dances that will allow you to dance around the room without hurting you more. With Foxtrot, you control the pace by changing the tempo in which you are dancing. This makes sure that you do not take more damage to our knees, back or hips. Foxtrot helps keep blood flowing easier without the danger of causing a stroke. Which helps those who are diabetics, those with low blood sugar and even those of you that have a heart condition.

 Mental Benefits that you get from Foxtrot Lessons Toronto

The Confidence you get from learning the Foxtrot will be evident to everyone around you. Your overall outlook in yourself will improve causing even your work and home life to seem better. When you arrive at the studio to take your foxtrot lessons Toronto, the outside world and all the issues that it comes with disappears. This allows you to feel relaxed and unburdened as you focus on learning and growth. Dancing the Foxtrot is a great way to relieve stress.

Social Benefits from taking Foxtrot Lessons Toronto

To dance the Foxtrot, it requires a partner. Since it requires two people, the social benefits start from the fact that you will be around other people as well as meeting new people. If you come with your own partner it means that you are spending more quality time with that special person. You learn automatically in a gallant setting that you should be gracious and forthcoming in any situation.

Last thing you need to know about Foxtrot Lessons Toronto

All cool and foxy Foxtrot dancers will tell you just how much a life-changing experience it is. So stop waiting, contact us Now and try out for yourself!

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