How to Dress for Ballroom Dance Class

Trying out dancing at Access Ballroom for the first time and not sure how to dress for ballroom dance class? Do not worry. We have some awesome tips for you to make your first dance lesson experience amazing!

How to Dress for Ballroom Dance Class: the Footwear

First of all, bring an extra pair of indoor shoes to wear on the dance floor. This helps your dance studio keep the floor clean. That way the students don’t ruin their new ballroom shoes quickly and also breathe fresh clean air throughout the day. Moreover, it makes the floor last longer, as you want to be able to glide and turn on it.

What exactly should you wear? If you already have dance shoes, great – bring them!

Latin Dance Shoes

For the Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, Mambo, Cha Cha, Rumba, Samba, Swing, Hustle, or Bolero you want to wear Latin dance shoes. Ladies’ Latin shoes are open toe with straps; the heel is usually higher and can be quite thin too. Gentlemen’s Latin dance shoes also have a higher heel and it is a bit narrower than the one for the smooth shoes.

Smooth Dance Shoes

For the Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, Viennese Waltz, wear smooth dance shoes. Ladies’ smooth shoes have a closed toe and lower heel. Some styles have straps and some do not. Gentlemen’s smooth shoes look quite like dress shoes. They have a low heel and it covers the entire heel as a solid base.

Other Shoes

If you do not have Latin or smooth dance shoes, there are other options you can consider! For example, jazz sneakers are super comfortable and provide that foot flexibility space when needed (for example, for pointing toes or stepping with your heel). Regular sneakers or training shoes will also be fine, though those might be a bit too grippy to dance in, especially if you practice turning in them.

You can also wear any comfortable pair of heels, flats (for women) or dress shoes (for men). As long as they sit tight on the foot and don’t cause blisters, you’ll be good to go!

How to Dress for Ballroom Dance Class: the Clothing

It is best to wear comfortable clothing that does not restrict movement. Here are a few looks you can consider:


Dress up like you are going out on a date! Ladies can wear dresses (not to short as you want to be able to lift your arms). A dressy skirt and a top would also be a great idea. Gentlemen can wear dress pants and a shirt, it always makes


Want to just feel comfortable and relaxed during your dance classes? Then you can go for a more casual look. Ladies can wear leggings, trainers and comfy dresses. Gentlemen can go for something relaxed, like a t-shirt and pants. We do not suggest jeans, as some styles may really restrict movement. So try to look for stretchy clothing.


How to Wear Dance Accessories Outside of Dance Class?

You may not realize it, but there is currently a dancewear trend taking place in the real world. Women from all over the place enjoy wearing Latin dance and ballroom accessories while they spend time out on the town. This is an exciting trend and it’s surprising but many trained dancers really seem to enjoy the fact that other women like wearing sexy dance accessories too.

The great thing about this trend is you can get your hands on high-quality dance accessories online at affordable prices. A favorite recommendation of ours is Access Ballroom dance shoes because they have just about everything you could ever want and then some and their styles are amazing.

So, if you’ve ever wanted to incorporate dance accessories into your everyday outfits but just don’t know where to begin, you’ve definitely found the right place. We will tell you about some exciting trends happening right now and you can get in on the action as soon as you’re ready.

Trend #1: Ladies Latin, Rhythm & Salsa Shoes

Whether you’re tearing it up on the dance floor of your favorite Latin dance club, or you’re meeting up with friends and co-workers after work for a few drinks at happy hour, or you’re spending the afternoon shopping with mom, just know that ultra sexy strappy salsa shoes go perfect with nearly every formal or casual outfit you might wear. Do you know what else? They’re pretty comfortable – they have to be since they were designed for dancing – and they look spectacular too.

So, the next time you’re heading out the door, think about mixing things up a bit. Forget about strapping on typical boring and unimaginative footwear and try switching it up for a change. Not only will your feet look absolutely stunning, you’ll also feel better about yourself because your sensual Latin dance shoes look amazing and they’ll help you exude more confidence. You’ll feel like a million bucks and everyone who comes into contact with you will know it. Try not to make too many women feel envious of your sexy swagger!

Trend #2: Latin Dance Leotards

Most women enjoy wearing leotards and have their favorite pair that they absolutely adore. But more than likely, you might not believe it’s something you can wear as an everyday outfit. Guess what? You’d be wrong.

Salsa and Latin dance leotards go well with many regular outfits including those you’d wear grocery shopping, or to the office, or just spending time with friends or your better half at your favorite restaurant. You can pair your fiery leotard with low rider jeans, your favorite skirt, or even create an exhilarating and imaginative combo by wearing it with an open weave dress. Your options are nearly limitless!

Latin dance-inspired outfits are comfortable, fun to wear, and definitely attractive. So, if you feel like switching this up on a mundane Monday or a workday Wednesday, or any day of the week for that matter, feel free to wear your favorite sultry leotard and combine it with sensational bottoms to create an exciting outfit that everyone will love.

Trend #3: Latin Dance Dresses & Skirts

Depending on the situation, you can absolutely go out and spend a night on the town wearing sexy and sultry dresses and skirts typically found in Latin dance halls and studios. And you know what? You’ll look so hot that you’ll be turning heads and practically breaking necks because the guys (ladies too!) won’t be able to control themselves!

These dresses and skirts are sensual and super sexy. They blend well in just about any formal occasion and really stand out.

People would probably stare at you weirdly if you wore this kind of outfit while going for a walk in the park, you know? But they’d no doubt work well in a semi-formal or formal setting. And believe it when we say you’ll have people talking about how stunning you look. So be bold and daring at your next formal occasion and wear Latin-inspired dresses and skirts and feel sexy as hell to boot.

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Final Thoughts

As you can see, it’s definitely okay to wear stunning Latin and Salsa inspired outfits and accessories in everyday situations. In fact, we encourage it because these clothes are not only attractive, they are also functional, comfortable, gorgeous and really sexy to wear too.

However, it is even better if you actually try out dancing! Book your trial private dance lesson and consultation with Access Ballroom today! Both couples and singles are welcome to try it out.


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