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Hustle Wedding Dance

Looking to learn a fun hustle dance routine for your wedding? Search no more! We’ve got you covered on that one as well!

Access Ballroom students asian couple dancing hustle dance routine as their first wedding dance

Access Ballroom students dancing a hustle dance choreography as their first wedding dance

Characteristics of Hustle Dance

Hustle is an incredibly fun and versatile dance that will definitely spice up your social dance life. Here are some of its characteristics:

  1. Fast-paced: Hustle dance is a fast-paced dance style that features quick footwork and movements.

  2. Partner-based: This is a partner dance and requires close coordination between partners.

  3. Disco-inspired: The hustle dance has its origins in the disco era of the 1970s, and its movements are heavily influenced by disco music.

  4. Syncopated rhythm: The dance features a syncopated rhythm, which means that the beats are emphasized or accentuated in unexpected ways which also makes it super fun to dance. It is one of the few dances that is not phrased evenly with the music because each basic occupies 3 beats, though the music is 4/4 time.

  5. Dynamic body movements: The dance also incorporates dynamic body movements, such as body rolls and spins, to add flair and excitement to the performance or social dance experience.

  6. Improvisational: Although it follows a set of basic steps and patterns, the hustle dance also allows for improvisation and creativity, encouraging dancers to express themselves through their movements.

  7. Versatile: It can be danced to a wide range of music genres including disco, pop, and contemporary music.

Check out the video below to get inspired for your first dance class. This was a performance by Chloe and her teacher Gil at Access Ballroom’s Havana Night Social Dance Party. They absolutely killed it! The crowd was cheering and having a blast! And if you would like to see more dance videos, go to our YouTube Channel.


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History of Hustle Dance


Hustle dancing is a popular social dance style that originated in the United States of America during the 1970s. This dance style is often associated with the Disco era and has evolved over the years, becoming a significant part of the modern dance scene.

Interestingly, the precise origins of the Hustle dance are a matter of debate, but many generally agree that it emerged from the New York City nightclubs in the early 1970s. The Hustle dance became popular during the disco era, and its popularity soared with the release of the movie “Saturday Night Fever” in 1977.

Hustle dancing is often compared to swing dancing because of its fast-paced syncopated rhythm. This style of dance consists of a wide range of moves, including spins, turns, and dips. One of the distinctive features of this dance style is the use of a particular footwork pattern known as the “triple step.”

The Hustle dance soon spread from New York City and became popular in other parts of the United States. A significant influence on the development of the Hustle dance was the music, with DJs and musicians playing disco and soul music that provided a unique beat to dance to.

Over time, the Hustle dance evolved as dancers incorporated various elements of other dance styles such as jazz, Latin, and hip hop. This blending of dance styles created a unique dance form that continues to be popular today.

The Hustle dance has been a popular competition dance style since the early days of its creation. In 1976, there was the first National Hustle Dance Championship, and it has since become an annual event. Numerous other competitions and festivals dedicated to the Hustle dance style have also emerged over the years.

Hustle Dance Today

Today, Hustle dancing has become a global phenomenon, with dancers and competitions held in major cities around the world. Furthermore, this dance style continues to evolve, with dancers incorporating new moves and styles, keeping it alive and relevant for new audiences.

In conclusion, the history of Hustle dancing is a fascinating and ever-evolving story of music, dance, and social culture. From its early days in the New York City nightclubs to its global reach today, the Hustle dance has become a significant part of modern dance scene, and its popularity shows no signs of slowing down.

pro-am couple (black male and asian female) dancing the hustle dance at Access Ballroom

Havana Night – Social Dance Party

The History of Disco Music

Disco music emerged in the 1970s as a fusion of funk, soul, and pop. It quickly became a popular genre in dance clubs across the United States. The high energy, electronic beats of disco music lent itself well to dance, and new dances emerged to match the music.

One of these dances was the hustle, which originated in New York City in the early 1970s. It was a partner dance that featured rhythmic, flowing movements. The hustle quickly became associated with disco music, and disco songs like “Stayin’ Alive” by the Bee Gees and “I Will Survive” by Gloria Gaynor that often played during hustle dance sessions.

As disco music’s popularity grew, so did the popularity of the hustle dance. It became a staple at disco clubs and became popular in competitions. Disco music and the hustle dance were closely linked – the dance was an essential part of disco culture, and many people learned to dance the hustle as a way to express themselves on the dance floor. Moreover, disco had become popular with people from so many different backgrounds, that it felt like it was bringing everyone together.

Check out Access Ballroom’s Hustle playlist on Spotify to get an idea of what you can hustle to today!

Hustle Lessons Toronto: Benefits of Learning to Dance the Hustle

What comes to mind when you think of the hustle? Maybe the image of John Travolta moving effortlessly across a technicolor dance floor in Saturday Night Fever? Maybe you think of bell bottoms and shaggy hair? Or even just the famous song with the lyrics “Do the Hustle” comes to mind? Well, there is so much more to it, and we would love to show you that!

Physical Benefits

Dancing is a wonderful way of staying in shape. There is nothing more exciting than keeping fit by doing the hustle. We all know we need to make time for exercise but most of us hate it and cannot bring ourselves to the gym to do it.

Doing the hustle lessons in Toronto is a fast way to burn calories and work up a sweat with that fast pace music and syncopated movement.

Mental Health Benefits

When you start taking your hustle lessons Toronto, the world outside and all the issues that it comes with disappear.

It is important to have time for yourself. And to do things that you love and that make you happy. And one thing is for sure, we have never seen a hustle dancer with a frown on their face! Because this dance is just too much fun!

Social Lifestyle Benefits of Learning to Dance Hustle

Dancing is a great way of meeting new people and even making friends for life. Outings, dance weekends, group classes, and social dance parties will surely help you make your connections grow. Furthermore, you start to feel like you have a dance family of sorts. Besides, you get to enjoy more events and outings in your life now.

Final Thoughts: Register Now For Hustle Lessons Toronto!

All in all, learning to dance hustle could become a life-changing experience for you like for many of Access Ballroom’s students.

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