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Access Ballroom Studio creates a package that is set to fit your time and your goal. It is a mix of private lessons and group lessons. In the privates we teach you the fine details like footwork, your lead/follow skills and technique. Then in the groups, we teach you steps. Below we have a video of one of our hustle performances. However, if you would like to see more then go to our Access Ballroom YouTube Channel

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New York City is the birthplace of The Hustle. If you talk to a bunch of hustle dancers in New York, you’ll get many different answers as to how Hustle started. Especially if you ask how it developed and who was responsible for it. However, the one thing that every single last one of those hustle dancers will agree upon, is that Hustle started in the Big Apple.

The Hustle rode the wave of popular music during the early seventies. The dance itself went through an evolution and some would say there were many. But around 1974-1975 something started to stick, and it turned into more than just a fad. It became a recognized dance and was so unique for its time. The reason why is because it was the only dance that could be done to a wide range of popular music. So it was something that could be done at the clubs.

When Saturday Night Fever exploded onto the scene in 1977, the dance craze rose to the top and The Hustle showed itself as a dance that was here to stay. However, the way that the Hustle was danced in the film was nothing like the way that we were doing it in the clubs of New York. To many pure Hustle dancers, the film was sacrilege.

Characteristics of Hustle (taught in Hustle Lessons Toronto)

Hustle is danced normally to the 70’s and 80’s disco. But in today’s age, you would dance it more to pop or dance music. It is a fast and smooth dance that has the lady spinning almost constantly. Hustle is also a non-progressive dance that is mostly danced in a slot or rotational slot. It is one of the few dances that isn’t phrased evenly with the music because each basic occupies 3 beats, though the music is 4/4 time.

The History of Disco Music

Group on a lit disco floor doing hustle lessons toronto danceDisco started in the early 1970s but remained urban and was largely underground until 1975 when it began to emerge from America’s urban nightlife scene. Where once it had been curtailed to house parties, it now began making appearances into the mainstream. Disco continued to gain popularity and received increasing airplay on the radio. It achieved a huge popularity level during the mid-1970s up to the early 1980s. Its initial people in the U.S. were club-goers from the African American, Italian American, Latino American, and the gay communities in Philadelphia and New York City. Disco had become popular with both men and women from so many different backgrounds, that it was like it was bringing everyone together. Disco dances included the Bump and the Hustle.

Components of Disco Music

The disco sound has several components to it. It has a 4/4 beat, it will either have an eighth note (quaver) or 16th note (semi-quaver) hi-hat pattern with an open hi-hat on the off-beat. What almost always makes it so distinct is the syncopated electric bass line. In most disco tracks, the electric rhythm guitars, string sections, electric piano, and the horns create a lush sound that adds to the background sound. Whereas Orchestral instruments, such as the trumpet, clarinet or flute are used for solo melodies.

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Marylou Robinson –

I have the pleasure of knowing Gil Bynoe. After a car accident that I was in, he gave me back the strength and reminded me that I needed to do something for me. He taught me that no matter what, you can do whatever you want if you put your mind to it. As a teacher he is fantastic. The way he explains things, the way he shows you movements, you are sure that he is there for you. For me he is more than a teacher, he is like a psychologist for dancers. Thank you so much to be in my life. Looking forward to the next session.

Lifestyle change of  Hustle Lessons Toronto & its Benefits

John Travolta - Saturday Night Fever representing hustle lessons toronto danceLet me guess what comes to mind when you think of the hustle. Maybe the image of John Travolta moving effortlessly across a technicolor dance floor in Saturday Night Fever comes to mind. Maybe you think of the Hustle with bell-bottoms and shaggy hair or even just the song and you hear the lyrics, “Do the Hustle” in your head. Well, there is so much more to it and we would love to show you how.

Physical Benefits of Hustle Lessons in Toronto

Dancing is a wonderful way of staying in shape. There is nothing more exciting than having a way of having a well-maintained body by doing the hustle. We all know we need to make time for exercise but most of us hate and can’t bring ourselves to the gym to do it. Doing the hustle lessons Toronto is a fast way to burn calories and work up a sweat with that fast pace music and syncopated movement.

Mental Benefits that you get from Hustle Lessons Toronto

When you start taking your hustle lessons Toronto, the world outside and all the issues that it comes with disappears. It is said that it is important to have time for yourself, to do things that you love that make you happy. Well if there is one thing I know, I’ve never seen the hustle danced with a frown on the dancer’s face. It’s just too much fun and would never happen.

Social Benefits received from Hustle Lessons Toronto

Dancing is a great way of meeting new people and most likely making friends for life. Outings, dance weekends, group classes, practice parties are only a  few of many options for YOU to make your connections grow. You start to feel like you have a dance family of sorts and it makes you feel good to know that you have more events and outings in your life now.

To Conclude about our Hustle Lessons Toronto

As a Hustle dancer, I will let you know that it is a life-changing experience. So stop waiting, contact us Now and “Do The Hustle!”

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