Kids Dance Lessons in Toronto

If you are looking for kids dance lessons in Toronto, come to Access Ballroom. We are excited to tell you more about our children’s dance programs below.

What Is Different About Our Programs?


You can start at any time during the year. It is not a semester system where lessons run during a specific period of time and if missed – they expire. On the contrary, once you get a Dance Package with Access Ballroom, the lessons never expire. You can have your child take them at whatever speed that works. The class schedule is very flexible and is built specifically for you.


We personalize all lessons based on the students’ learning style, personality, and dance experience. For example, in the very first private lesson we will determine your child’s learning style and teach them according to that: Visual, Kinesthetic or Auditive. Also, we offer smaller group classes that allow for an individual approach to each child. Additionally, our experienced Dance Instructors have worked with kids for years and are excellent communicators and teachers.


We strongly believe that dancing should be fun, whether we are teaching new dance moves or working on technique, we always make it fun and enjoyable.

Opportunities to Perform and Grow

We offer opportunities to perform every second month at the studio and unlimited outside of the studio. This will give your child a goal to strive for and build confidence through experiencing the stage.

If your child is passionate about dance and wants to take it to a higher level, for example, participate in dance competitions, our experienced Dance Teachers are excited to prepare them. There are special programs for those willing to do competitions, so please contact us for more info.


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Amazing Benefits of Kids Dance Lessons in Toronto

Did you know that Latin and Ballroom dance lessons can help your child’s development in many different ways. Here are some of the benefits:

Physical Health Benefits of Kids Dance Lessons in Toronto

Not only is dancing a fun activity for your little ones but also a great workout. Moreover, this cardio exercise improves your child’s heart health. Also, regular dance lessons significantly improve stamina, posture, coordination and balance for children. Finally, it has been proven that children that dance demonstrate increased flexibility and range of motion.

Social Benefits of Kids Dance Lessons in Toronto

Dance classes provide your child with an opportunity to socialize with other kids. Also, your child will learn how to be part of a team (performance preparation) to achieve common goals. Additionally, improving communication with others verbally and through the body language is also one of the key benefits of kids dance lessons. On top of it all, your child will make new friends!

Cognitive Benefits of Kids Dance Lessons in Toronto

Aside from physical health benefits and social benefits, your child will also learn how to be persistent and motivated while working towards achieving a goal. Furthermore, your child will develop problem-solving skills through movement and learn how to function in the space.

Self-Esteem Benefits of Kids Dance Lessons in Toronto

Latin and Ballroom dance lessons certainly build children’s self-esteem and boost their confidence, as they become more comfortable with their body, movement, and expression.

Emotional Development and Creativity Benefits of Kids Dance Lessons in Toronto

Your child will learn how to creatively express their feelings and emotions through movement. Also, dance classes give a structured environment for children to have a healthy emotional and physical outlet. Therefore, children become more emotionally mature through dance.

Improved Memory Benefits of Kids Dance Lessons in Toronto

Learning and memorizing sequences and patterns drastically improves children’s memory. Consequently, thanks to the dance lessons, children that dance will be more successful at school.

Happiness Benefits of Kids Dance Lessons in Toronto

It’s not a secret that dancing makes you release endorphins (hormones of happiness). This definitely helps to get rid of negative self-talk, anxiety and depression.

How Does It Work?

We work with Personalized Dance Package consisting of group lessons and private lessons OR private lessons only.

Group Lessons

Group lessons are designed for your child to learn the steps for the dance styles of their choice. They will be placed in the right level based on their previous dance experience.

Private Lessons

kids dance lessons toronto access ballroom kids and teens ballroom dance lessons four 4 kids taking dance poses kids dip asian boy asian girl two white girls

Private dance lessons are designed to strengthen the knowledge of the steps learned in the group classes, work on technique as well as the lead and follow.

Privates certainly skyrocket students’ growth, as the Dance Teacher has the opportunity of focusing solely on your child.

Whether it is your child’s first time learning how to dance, he/she wants to prepare for dance competitions, or you are just looking to enjoy the benefits of one-on-one dance training in a comfortable setting, the Private Dance Package is for you. Additionally, if you choose to go with a bundle of multiple lessons, you may be eligible for a discount.

Dance Styles We Teach

Moreover, the students will learn different Latin and Ballroom dance styles of their choice. Those include the following: SalsaCha ChaWaltzTangoFoxtrotBachata, Rumba, Samba, Merengue, HustleEast Coast Swing and more. So check out our YouTube Channel and Soundcloud for videos and music related to each dance style.

We are looking forward to helping your child grow as a dancer!

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