Most Popular Dance Styles for First Wedding Dance

Imagine what your perfect first dance will look like… Will it be elegant and graceful? Or maybe passionate and sensual? Perhaps, you prefer to make it a fun and unexpected surprise for your guests? Different dance styles can bring out a different look and feel of your future first dance.

So keep reading to find out what the most popular styles for first dance among the thousands of wedding couples we’ve taught! Feel free to use this rating to get some ideas for your first dance.

The dance style you will learn for your first dance will ultimately be determined by the song you pick. Or you can do the opposite: pick the dance you are passionate about and then find the perfect song. Either way, your dance instructor will be happy to help you!


Believe it or not: it is NOT the Waltz! Rumba is truly perfect for a wedding dance. Moreover, this Latin dance is sensual and romantic, making it a popular choice for couples looking to add a touch of passion to their first dance. Also, a ton of slow songs that newly engaged couples tend to pick go with the Rumba dance style.

Learn more about the Rumba HERE.

Rumba Playlist

Enjoy the Rumba playlist to get you into a romantic mood.


Viennese Waltz is another very popular dance style that wedding couples love. It is most often what you see in Disney movies and animations such as Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, and Sleeping Beauty.

Furthermore, if you’ve always dreamed of a royal wedding, your wedding dance will play a huge role in creating the right atmosphere and can even be the highlight of the night that your guests will keep talking about months and years after.

Learn more about the Viennese Waltz HERE.

Viennese Waltz Playlist

You must have heard some of these songs already and surely have some favourites among them!


Classic. Elegant. Beautiful. Fun. What could be better than the Foxtrot? Think Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, and Michael Buble. So if you are going for a classy, yet playful feel, this smooth dance is the one.

Foxtrot Playlist

Enjoy some of the classics and new songs to Foxtrot to.


The classic choice for many couples, the Waltz is elegant and timeless. Interestingly, there are not that many new songs that are the Waltz, unlike the Viennese Waltz. However, this dance is still one of the wedding couples’ favourites for sure. It is much slower than its cousin Viennese Waltz.

Learn more about the Waltz HERE.

Waltz Playlist

The Waltz playlist is here for you to enjoy.


Tango is a passionate and dramatic dance style, ideal for couples who want to make a bold statement with their first dance. And it is definitely one of our personal favourites.

Learn more about the Tango HERE.

Tango Playlist

Check out this carefully curated playlist of our favourite Tango songs.


All in all, there you have it – the go-to dance styles for your first dance! Romantic and sensual Rumba, fast-paced Disney-like Viennese Waltz, classy and elegant Foxtrot, timeless Waltz, and of course, passionate Tango.

Now, this doesn’t mean that you only have to choose out of these styles! There are many more that you can have a great time learning and showcasing at your wedding. For example, Bachata, Salsa, Mambo, Swing, Cha Cha, Samba, Merengue, Hustle, and Bolero.


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