Private Dance Lessons Toronto

Private dance lessons Toronto is the most effective way to learn or bring your dancing up to the next level. This is especially relevant when learning a new dance style or starting to learn to dance for the first time.

If you are looking for private Ballroom and Latin dance lessons, Access Ballroom Studio is the right dance school for you. Private Dance Lessons Toronto is an effective way to learn techniques and patterns. Whether it is your first time learning how to dance, or you are preparing for dance competitions, or simply looking to enjoy the benefits of one-on-one dance training in a comfortable setting, we can help. If you would like to take private dance lessons for your first dance as a wedding couple and you want to make the moment magical, our Wedding Dance Lessons Toronto package would be perfect for you. We create a routine that helps to express your love for one another. Over the years, we have helped many people find the best dance that goes with the song of their choice and make their first dance a beautiful memory. 

At Access Ballroom Studio – Toronto, we ensure you get the right Dance Instructor to suit your needs and dance goals. We give you individual attention and concentrate on steps, movement, technique, musicality and performance. Our amazing professional Dance Instructors are available for your private dance lessons 7 days a week.

The Process to book Private Dance Lessons Toronto

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One-on-one lessons or one-on-two lessons (if you are a couple) can be booked with a Dance Instructor of your choice for a variety of different dance styles. We can always guide you to help you choose the best Dance Instructor for your dancing needs. All our Dance Instructors are kind, patient, warm and welcoming. We will make sure that you finish your lesson with a sense of accomplishment.All private lessons must be booked at least 24 hours in advance by calling Access Ballroom Studio – Toronto at 416-690-3900 or emailing us at  We will do our best to cater to your desired time slot for the lesson.  Private lessons may be set for any time during our operating hours.


Simply fill out the form below and we will reach out to help you set up your appointment.

E.g. wedding, bachelorette/bachelor party, anniversary, birthday, bat-/bar-mitzvah, vows renewal, engagement party, etc.
Please provide more information about your request.

When you are booking your lesson, we will need to know the following 4 things:

  1. The name of your preferred Dance Instructor (if you do not know, don’t worry, we will assign one to you)
  2. The names and  number of people who will be taking the lesson
  3. Desired dances that you would like to learn in your lesson
  4. Day(s) and time(s) for your lesson

Please follow our 24-hour cancellation policy in order to respect the Instructor’s time and allow others to take your time slot.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Private Dance Lessons Toronto

If you have questions beyond the scope of the ones provided below, please do not hesitate to contact us.

How do I register or get started with private dance lessons Toronto?

Registering with us is easy. The first step is to set up your 1st trial private lesson/consultation with one of our highly trained Dance Instructors. During this lesson, your dance instructor will determine your current level, your learning style and will recommend the right program for you. To set up your trial lesson/consultation click here now to contact us.

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I do not have a dance partner. Is a dance partner required?

No! In private lessons, your Dance Instructor becomes your dance partner. In group lessons, partners aren’t necessary because our studio has about 50% of the students who are couples and 50% who come alone without a partner and we are always switching partners to ensure that the gentlemen are always leading and ladies following. That being said, you always learn to dance more effectively and faster during private one-on-one lessons with your Dance Instructor so book your Trial Lesson now.

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I have two left feet, can I really learn to dance if I take private dance lessons in Toronto?

Absolutely! If you can walk, you can dance. Our Access Ballroom experts are trained to teach and break down any complicated moves or steps so that it is easy to understand. We break down the simple, basic elements, which the steps derive from to make it easy for everyone to get. We train to be communicators where our duty is to be able to take anything complicated and make it simple to understand. There is no age limit to learning. You can be an adult, a senior over 70,  just as much as you can be a young teen. It is never too early or too late to start. We will be happy to prove this to you!

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How long does it take to be able to dance naturally?

The length of time that it takes to learn how to dance naturally depends entirely on you. It also depends on how often you practice, how often you come in for dance lessons, how closely you schedule one lesson to another. Obviously, a lesson a month is not going to get you there quickly. But the good news is that you will already be able to dance after your first private dance lesson with us.

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Do you teach the latest steps?

You can learn the very latest steps in any Ballroom or Latin social dance from our private dance lessons in Toronto. For example, we have Bachata Lessons Toronto, Salsa Lessons Toronto, Tango Lessons Toronto, Swing Lessons Toronto, Bolero Lessons Toronto, Chacha Lessons Toronto, Viennese Waltz Lessons Toronto, Hustle Lessons Toronto, Rumba Lessons Toronto, Merengue Lessons Toronto, Waltz Lessons Toronto, Mambo Lessons Toronto, Samba Lessons Toronto and Foxtrot Lessons Toronto.

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Once I learn to dance, is it necessary to return to learn the newest and latest dance steps?

Actually, once you have a good foundation, it really wouldn’t be necessary. You will be able to analyze the new steps that you see and figure them out all by yourself without any real difficulty. The reason why so many students return or continue is more because they enjoy taking lessons at Access Ballroom Studio and they want to participate in the events, culture and being with the dancing friends that they have acquired.

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When are the available times when I can take my private dance lessons in Toronto?

You can take your dance classes anytime you wish. Access Ballroom Studio – Toronto is open Mon-Fri 12pm-10:30pm and Sat-Sun 11am-6pm.

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Do you have good Dance Instructors?

Yes. All Access Ballroom Dance Instructors go through a strict dance training regimen, making sure that they are all very competent teachers. Your Dance Instructor will be selected based on who is best suited to your particular needs. We also take into consideration your style of learning.

What Can I Wear? Is there a Dress Code?

a girl woman putting on latin dance shoes before her private dance lessons toronto at Access Ballroom Studio ABS-TorontoAt Access Ballroom Studio – Toronto, we want you to be relaxed for your private dance lessons Toronto. Learning how to dance should be fun, so there is no enforced dress code. However, we do encourage students to dress as they would if they wanted to go out dancing to help them get in the right mind frame. We also recommend shoes appropriate for dancing. However, if you do not have any dance shoes, please bring a second indoor pair of shoes to keep the dance floor clean. No boots, sandals or flip-flops are allowed on the dance floor.

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What are the benefits I can get from dancing?

The benefits are numerous. Dancing raises your social activity, your poise, your confidence and allows you to make new friends. Beyond these, it is also a superb way to improve your physical condition. Because it is fun, you work out without realizing that you are working out. If you want more specific details, check out our dance benefits page.

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E.g. wedding, bachelorette/bachelor party, anniversary, birthday, bat-/bar-mitzvah, vows renewal, engagement party, etc.
Please provide more information about your request.