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Why should you start taking Rumba lessons in Toronto? Rumba is a beautiful, elegant and romantic dance that goes well with most modern styles of contemporary music as well as the all-time classics. From Ed Sheeran’s Thinking Out Loud to Bruno Mars’ Just The Way You Are. There are plenty of songs you will hear that you can dance the Rumba to. Check out some of the examples here. Moreover, Rumba is a perfect dance to choose for your wedding if you want to surprise your guests with a seductive, sensual, yet elegant and graceful dance.

Not sure where and how to start?

If you are looking for Rumba lessons in Toronto, check out Access Ballroom and take advantage of a trial private lesson for couples or singles. During the trial lesson, you will first meet your Dance Instructor. Then, you will have a chance to talk more about your dance goals, what you are looking for to get out of your lessons as well as your schedule. After that, your Dance Instructor will teach you or help you improve up to two different dance styles, including Rumba. If you have fun and enjoy dancing, we will present you a Personalized Dance Program specifically for you/your couple.

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The trial private lesson is 50 minutes long. You will meet your dance teacher, learn or improve up to 2-3 different dance styles and if you enjoy yourself, we'll personalize a dance package to your schedule and goals. The trial is $45 for couples and $35 for singles. If you are getting married and need help with your first wedding dance, we offer a FREE 30-minute sit-down consultation to figure out all the details for your perfect first dance and customize a wedding package for you.
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Reviews of Rumba Lessons in Toronto at Access Ballroom

Gil and Valeria you’re very dedicated instructors, always willing to share your knowledge and provide tips for improvement. I enjoy the variety of dance classes, many of them brand new to me and my husband.

Your lessons have considerably improved my dance skills as well as certain aspects of my body language.

Great school, definitely recommend. – Liliana Rodriguez

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What is Rumba?

Etymologically, the word Rumba comes from a Spanish verb Rumbrear which means going to parties, having fun and dancing. Nowadays, Rumba is most known as a latin-style of ballroom dance or a rhythm dance in American Ballroom. You can often see it at competitions; the interesting fact is that it is one of the slowest dances out of the competitive dance styles in American Ballroom.

History of Rumba

cuban rumba dance lessons in toronto history of rumba dance musicRumba originated and developed in Cuba thanks to the Afro-Spanish influence. It came along as a fusion of various dance styles from the West Indies including Son, Danzon, Guagira, Guaracha, Naningo. The ballroom version is based on the Cuban Bolero-son dance which was the national dance of Cuba before the 1959 Cuban Revolution. Because of the movie industry, rumba became even more well-known during the 1920-30s. Then, when Fidel Castro came to power, Rumba became Cuba’s official dance as it shows Cuba’s African heritage.

Cuban Rumba Types

Ballroom Rumba and Rumba as a street dance style in Cuba are two different things. Rumba in Cuba is separated into three different forms: yambú (romantic), guaguancó (erotic), and Columbia (competitive).

Yambú is a dance where one couple slowly and respectfully dances surrounded by a circle of the conga drummers, singers, waiting dancers, and spectators. The partners rarely touch.

In Guaguancó dance the man and woman are in opposition, as they circle each other in a symbolic sexual play.

The Columbia is a dance by men who individually enter the circle and battle against each other. They may use props such as knives, hats, bottles, or candles on their heads.

Ballroom Rumba

rumba lessons in toronto rumba dance american style rumba access ballroom studio

Ballroom Rumba dance is usually characterized by slow forward and backward steps and quick side steps. Also, another distinct trait of Rumba is the Cuban hip movement (do not confuse it with Cuban motion!). As in any Latin dance, in Rumba, feet must be in a V. This means that heels should be together and toes apart.

Ballroom Rumba Basic Step

The basic step in American Style Rumba is as follows.

For a gentleman, starting with the left foot, take a step forward. Then step to the right with the right foot and close – bring your left foot together with the right. Half-box is now completed! Then continue and step backward with your right, then sideways (to the left) with your left foot and close by bringing your right foot together with the left. A full box is done!

For a lady, starting with your right foot, take a step backward. Then take a step sideways (to the left) with your left foot and close by bringing your right foot together with the left. After that, step forward with your left foot. Finally, step to the right with the right foot and close – bring your left foot together with the right. Half-box is now completed!

The timing is slow, quick, quick, slow, quick, quick. Hold the “slow” for 2 counts of the music, while “quick” is 1 count.

Rumba Music

Rumba music has a 4/4 timing. Traditional Cuban Rumba has pretty strong percussions; the beat is steady and smooth. In the social dance world, however, you can dance the Rumba to a lot of contemporary pop music even without Latin flavor. This amazing advantage make it Rumba so versatile and great to learn, as you will be prepared for any party! Check out a Soundcloud playlist for Rumba.

Where to Take Rumba Lessons in Toronto?

Convenient Location

Access Ballroom – Toronto’s address is 1463 Gerrard St E (2nd floor) Toronto, ON M4L 1Z9 Canada. The entrance and parking area are in the back.

Personalized Dance Packagesrumba lessons in toronto crazy holidays sale, christmas special,

The great thing about taking lessons at Access Ballroom is that we personalize Dance Packages specifically to your goals, timeframe, and schedule. You get what you want and need and have fun learning. Learn more about different Dance Packages here.

Dance Rumba at Your Wedding

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