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Fiery movements, intense passion, and electrifying music are some of the first images that come to mind when you think of taking Tango dance lessons in Toronto! And you would definitely be right to think so.


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Tango Wedding Dance

With its elegant movements, passionate flair, and graceful connection between partners, the Tango makes for a captivating and unforgettable wedding dance.

From the sensual dips and dramatic pauses to the intricate footwork and intense music, the Tango is guaranteed to wow your guests, leaving a lasting impression and creating memories that will be cherished for a lifetime.

So why settle for anything less when you can make your first dance as a married couple a truly remarkable and enchanting Tango experience?


Here is an example of Tango wedding dance by our students Chris and Brigitta. They absolutely nailed it by combining three of their favourite dance styles – Rumba, Tango and Cha Cha.

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The American Smooth Tango Dance: A Harmonious Fusion of Tradition and Flair

With its intoxicating swirls and exquisite movements, the Tango dance has captivated countless hearts around the world. While often associated with Argentina, there is a slightly different version that has developed in the United States – the American Smooth Tango Dance.

In this blog post, we will delve into the characteristics, history, music, and current form of this captivating dance style.

Characteristics of American Smooth Tango Dance

American Smooth Tango Dance shares many similarities with its Argentine counterpart, yet it incorporates elements of other dance styles to create a unique blend.

Unlike its traditional form, the American Smooth Tango embraces an open-hold frame, allowing for more creativity and theatrical presentation. Dancers fluidly move across the floor, displaying elaborate figures, intricate footwork, and graceful flow.

Smooth, gliding movements, sudden direction changes, and dramatic pauses of the Tango create an aura of sensuality and intense connection between partners.

Check out this video of the performance by our students Sam and Anna to see it for yourself! For more Tango videos, check out our YouTube Tango Playlist.

History and Evolution of Tango

The Tango originated in the slums of Buenos Aires, Argentina, in the late 19th century and quickly gained popularity throughout South America and Europe. As it made its way to the United States, it was further influenced by various dance styles like the Foxtrot and Waltz.

In the 1930s, Tango became famous in Hollywood movies, evolving into a show dance that captivated American audiences. The American Smooth Tango Dance eventually formed, incorporating elements of theatricality and display, thus becoming a beloved staple of ballroom dance competitions. The movements are more staccato and the dancers constantly have head snaps incorporated into their dancing. The head snaps are totally foreign to Argentine Tango and were introduced to Ballroom Tango in 1934.

Tango Styles

The tango has a variety of styles that came into existence from different regions and eras of Argentina as well as in other places around the world. This happened due to the cultural elements of the region where it was being danced. Even things such as the type of crowd in the venue and even the fashions in clothing. The styles are danced in either open embrace or close embrace. This is where the lead and follow connect either chest-to-chest (Argentine tango) or in the upper thigh, hip area (American and International tango) which is taught in Tango Lessons Toronto.

Different styles of Tango are

Tango Waltz

Argentine Tango

Tango Canyengue

Uruguayan tango – Tango Oriental

Tango Liso

New Tango

Tango Salon

Contact Tango

Tango Orillero

Show Tango

Tango Camacupense (Angola)

Finnish Tango

Tango Valparaísino

Milongue Tango (Tango Apilado)

Ballroom Tango

Since this is what we teach, we will go more into detail about this style of Tango.

First of all, Ballroom tango has 2 distinct styles. One of them is the “International” style and the other is the “American” style. These styles descended from when Argentine Tango first went abroad to Europe and North America. The dance was simplified and adapted to the preferences of ballroom dancers.

Subsequently, the English Tango evolved into a highly competitive dance where the partners always remain in the closed position (International Style). The American Tango, on the other hand, evolved into social dance and competitive dance where the partners are constantly switching between open positions and closed positions. The focus is on the leading and following skills. This led to some distinctions in the basic technique and styling between International Style Tango and American Style Tango.

couple dancing american smooth tango dance at access ballroom

Tango Music

First of all, Tango music came from a combination of various forms of music in Europe. The words “Tango” and “Tambo” were initially used to refer to musical gatherings of slaves.

The heartbeat of Tango lies in its music. Tango compositions often feature a strong, accented rhythm, driven by the bandoneón – a signature instrument of the genre.

Traditionally, the music is melancholic and sentimental, reflecting the struggles and desires of the working-class immigrants who birthed this art form. With influences from African, Spanish, and European music, Tango melodies include enchanting string instruments, passionate vocals, and often a full orchestra.

Famous musicians such as Carlos Gardel and Astor Piazzolla have forever etched their presence in the Tango scene, leaving behind iconic pieces that continue to captivate dancers and listeners alike.

The American Smooth Tango dancers often move to classic Tango compositions, such as “La Cumparsita” and “Por Una Cabeza,” but also embrace modern interpretations by artists like Astor Piazzolla and Gotan Project (also known as New Tango).

The music features a distinct 2/4 or 4/4 beat and rich melodies, creating an intoxicating ambiance that inspires dancers to express their emotions through movement.

Check out Access Ballroom’s Spotify Playlist that you can use for your daily Tango practice.

Tango Today

In the present day, Tango has made its mark as both a competitive dance style and a social dance form. As with any living art form, individual dancers bring their own flair and personal interpretation to the dance, keeping it alive and vibrant.

Final Thoughts and Health Benefits of Tango Lessons Toronto

Exploring the American Smooth Tango Dance allows us to appreciate the fusion of cultural influences and artistic expression. Through its elaborate figures, graceful movements, and engaging music, this style captures the imagination and creates a mesmerizing experience for both dancers and spectators alike.

Whether you are a seasoned dancer or a curious observer, the American Smooth Tango Dance offers a tantalizing glimpse into the harmonious union of tradition and innovation.

It has been proven that Tango makes you will feel sexier, more relaxed, and happy when you dance it. Dancing socially adds the following important benefits to your life:

  • physical exercise
  • social growth and satisfaction
  • mindfulness and spirituality
  • the raising of your cognition skills
  • having meaningful connections in your life
  • emotional health and educational growth

So, put on your dancing shoes, let the music guide your steps, and allow yourself to be swept away in the enchanting world of the American Smooth Tango Dance!