Wedding Dance Lessons Toronto

While looking for Wedding Dance Lessons Toronto, Access Ballroom is definitely the best dance school for you. Our Wedding Dance Package is designed to create a unique and personalized routine to the song of your choice.

Your dance experience level and how elaborate you want your dance routine to be will decide the package that is most suited to you. Normal routines just require 6 Private lessons. However, for a more intricate routine, we would personally create and cater a package to your needs.

As an additional service, we professionally mix the music you pick to custom fit the dance routine that we create for you.


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We all know how important it is for everything to be perfect for that day. So at Access Ballroom, our expert dance instructors commit to going the extra mile and making that day the most beautiful day of your life.


A beautiful wedding dance will add so much to your wedding experience that you will never forget it. Email us for more information, call us at 416-690-3900 or BOOK NOW!

first wedding dance lessons toronto access ballroom

first wedding dance lessons toronto

Access Ballroom students Irina and Igor dancing the Tango at their wedding

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should We Take Wedding Dance Lessons Toronto?

Well, let’s start with the obvious! Your first dance as a married couple should be a joyous occasion to look forward to. If you are dreading it, then it is all the more reason why you should take dance lessons to ease your mind and prepare yourself for the event.

Moreover, what about after the wedding? Should you not have any dancing on your honeymoon? Should you not have exciting date nights during your life together? Maybe even have romantic dinners with dancing? Dancing on your vacations and during anniversary celebrations? The magic of dance is a gift to share with each other. More importantly, this skill never goes away and allows you to enjoy it together for the rest of your lives.

Why Are Wedding Dance Lessons Toronto Important?

As a side note, we are the wedding dance specialists in Toronto. Access Ballroom has created magical wedding experiences through our wedding dance lessons Toronto.

What would it mean to you for your partner to be able to sweep you off of your feet and take you around the dance floor in a beautiful dance?

How much do you think your partner’s face will light up when you tell them that you want to take the wedding dance lessons to be ready for your wedding…?

Learning to dance for your wedding is a gift that you and your partner can give to each other. A gift that lasts a lifetime. Thanks to this, you will feel confident when you dance together. You will ensure that your first dance together as husband and wife will be a memory you will cherish forever and ever.

My partner and I met Valeria at Canada’s Bridal show and we immediately booked private lessons with her for our first wedding dance. We came in with zero dance experience and a real issue with coordination. With Valeria’s patience and skill we now have a wonderful first dance routine and the skills to apply our new moves to other songs as well. The lessons were also a lot of fun and both my partner and I enjoyed them. – Evert Timberg (Google maps review)

How Early Before Our Wedding Should We Start Taking Wedding Dance Lessons Toronto?

Your schedule will get very crazy as your wedding day approaches. We say this from the experience of teaching many wedding couples.

Access Ballroom instructors recommend that you start as early as possible. A minimum of six to eight months will allow enough time for practice. But ideally, the more in advance the better. There is a reason why there is a saying that practice makes perfect. If you give yourself more time to practice you will only look better.

After all, you take the time to book the venue in advance, the DJ, the emcee, get floral arrangements and so much more. So don’t forget about yourselves! You are the most important people at the centre of this beautiful event. All eyes will be on you. Remember that.

first wedding dance lessons toronto access ballroomHow Many Lessons Should We Take? Is One Enough?

No, one lesson is absolutely not enough, unless you are professional or semi-professional dancers looking for expert advice.

Our Standard Wedding Package is usually 6 private lessons. You will learn how to lead and follow. We will also work on your rhythm and musicality while teaching you the dance style that goes with the song of your choice.

The Intricate Wedding Package is 10 lessons or more, depending on what you want your wedding dance to look like. This will usually involve a full-on choreography, sometimes multiple dance styles merged together or some of the more intricate dance moves and patterns.

Is it Hard to Learn to Dance? I Have Two Left Feet.

We specialize in making sure that you are ready for your wedding, whether you have dance experience or not. As far as dancing is concerned, there is no such thing as two left feet and we prove it all the time.

Furthermore, we specialize in making sure that you are ready for your wedding, whether you have dance experience or not. As far as dancing is concerned, there is no such thing as two left feet and we prove it all the time.

We’ll also teach you based on your individual learning style which will make the process of learning how to dance way faster and easier.

How to Pick a Wedding Dance Song?

It has to be YOUR song. Pick the song that speaks to you. Listen carefully to the lyrics. Our students have danced to all kinds of styles of music, various artists and even tempos. Reggae, Disco, House, Latin music, classical hits from old movies, Disney songs, and more.

If you plan to dance to a special song at your reception, feel free to bring it to your consultation with us, so you can work on it with your dance instructor.

Is there any style of dance we shouldn’t do when we come to take our Wedding Dance Lessons Toronto?

No! You can do any and all the different styles of dancing. Moreover, Waltz Lessons Toronto and other Latin and Ballroom Lessons such as  Salsa lessons TorontoBachata lessons Toronto, Rumba lessons Toronto and even Hustle lessons Toronto can be used because all are popular to do at weddings today.

The wedding dance lessons in Toronto that we offer you at Access Ballroom will ensure that you make the most out of your special day in the style of your choosing.

first wedding dance lessons toronto access ballroom

Video Examples of Wedding Dance Lessons Toronto’s Results

People always wonder what they will look like after they take the wedding dance lessons Toronto. Even though they have never danced before in their life. Well, we pride ourselves in the fact that we will always get you ready in time and feel confident in yourself that you can do it. Here are a few video examples of our wedding couples.


5 Top Reasons Why Wedding Dance Lessons Toronto Are For You

We are ready for every kind of circumstance in the Wedding dance lessons Toronto and below you will see examples of the things we can help you with.

  • We would like to look natural and avoid stepping on each other’s feet!
  • We are looking for semi-private dance classes for the bridesmaids and groomsmen.
  • I am i
  • I am i
  • We would like to be ready for general social dancing at my wedding and beyond.

My fiancé and I decided to do away with the middle school sway for our first dance and it is possibly the best wedding decision we have made! When we had our first lesson with Valeria we knew we had made the right choice going with Access Ballroom. She really truly wanted us to learn how to dance and feel the music, preparing us not only for our first dance but for a lifetime of dancing. She was patient and kind while teaching us moves, and never without a smile! Thank you Valeria! – Laura Newburn (Google maps review)

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