World of Dance Season 2 is here! We are super excited about the new episodes! Have you checked them out yet? Below we will share our thoughts about the best performances in each of the episodes as soon as they come out.

World of Dance Season 2 Episode 1

We were blown away by @karenyricardo. What a Salsa choreography! As talented Ne-Yo said, this was truly a million-dollar performance! Take a look at the full video below by @NBCWorldofDance.

Jaw-dropping, isn’t it?

Moreover, if you scroll down Karen and Ricardo’s Instagram¬†feed, you’ll see some of their dance videos with crazy tricks, impressive balance, and passionate movements. So you may wonder, how can they top what we saw in Episode 1? Well, check out their Instagram video below. They definitely have more in store for us. We expect to see something like this where Ricardo spins Karen with his leg in the air.

#KarenyRicardo #9TimeWorldChampions #Guaguanco

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World of Dance Season 2 Episode 2 

We were really looking forward to see Episode 2 and finally it’s here!

In this week’s episode, we saw a lot of amazing dancers. The kids from¬†@InTheLab247¬†had an epic return to World of Dance Season 2 and have all chances to be super competitive in this show.

Another performance we’d like to note was a contemporary dance routine by¬†@CharityandAndr1. Their excellent synchronicity, connection between the partners and passion gave us chills!

Finally, one of the most revolutionary performances was by @BDashSK and @Konkrete510. These guys worked hard to be able to build a krump routine. What is so revolutionary about that? Well, krump is a street dance style that is all about improvisation, expression, freedom of movement. However, making it a perfectly synchronized routine is certainly not easy and these guys totally nailed it.

Now, guess who was our personal favorite? The Fabulous Sisters from Japan definitely stole our hearts. You know there are amazing dancers before your eyes when you are getting chills and sitting on the edge of your seat. In fact, we were astounded by their musicality and synergy. In our view, this was a pristine reflection of a complete fusion between music and dance. Gorgeous costumes definitely made the performance even more impressive. Take a look at the clip below.

World of Dance Season 2 Episode 3

Guess who was our personal favorite? Taylor and Josh from Alberta, Canada! And no, it is not because we are biased. Although great job guys – way to represent Canada! In fact, we loved this couple of dance partners for the incredible precision of their movement. They clearly showed to us that even a tiny motion can feel “big” and significant if done right. This was an excellent choreo and chemistry. We also loved the fact that they used a chair as a prompt in some unexpected and even dangerous ways.

Enjoy watching the full performance below!

World of Dance Season 2 Episode 4

We were so happy to see Eva Igo¬†return to the World of Dance. As you remember, she almost won in 2017 being the second runner-up. Her performance this time was more powerful than ever and we look forward to seeing her grow and shine on the World of Dance stage. Do not confuse this girl’s amazing skills with just talent – she trains a lot and puts in the work. Constant practice and work are crucial to being the best of the best and she has what it takes.

World of Dance Season 2 Episode 5

In this episode, the 12-year-old Madison Brown definitely touched our hearts. Her beautiful lines, unbelievable flexibility, stunts (like dropping almost on her head from a split in the air!) were absolutely captivating. She literally set the stage on fire!

World of Dance Season 2 Episode 6

What a stellar return to the World of Dance from DNA duo! Not only was their techniques excellent, they also had very strong tricks and stunts this time. They were able to create gorgeous lines in their performance which is so important for any dance style, but especially Latin and Ballroom. We also must comment on the music choice – a very powerful piece that certainly added more “wow” to their performance. Moreover, we were in love with the costumes! Personally, we thought they deserved higher scores. We wish DNA luck in the upcoming rounds, they are definitely some of our favorites.

Another performance from World of Dance Season 2 Episode 6 that we would like to mention is by The Rock Company. What a touching choreography it was… As Martha Graham said, “Dance is the hidden language of the soul.” And in this performance, we could see the kids’ souls inside out through their dance. They made us feel – one of the most powerful things about dance.

World of Dance Season 2 Episode 7

To be updated once the episode comes out! Stay tuned.


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